One More Christmassy Thing

Made by Mum comes from a long line of crafty (should that be ‘crafting’) women. Today I want to show you the handy work of my Aunt as there is a bit of a family story connected with her latest project, these cute little Christmas gloves.

When they were unwrapped on Christmas day I thought there was something familiar about the way they were made. I think it was the way the thumb and little finger had their own hole but the middle fingers were made like a mitten. There was so much going on that I didn’t give it any more thought until a few days later when one of my friends (who is also very crafty) was visiting and commented on how much she would like to make some. Fortunately, my Mum was also around so I found out about the pattern.

She told me that originally it belonged to my maternal Grandma, who made a pair of Punch and Judy puppets with it. When she said that, I could vaguely remember playing with those gloves as a child. Mr Punch had a bell on him as I recall.

Somehow, after Grandma’s house was cleared, the pattern was kept and ended up with my Aunt, in Canada. Being the clever person that she is, she adapted it to create Father Christmas mits. Grandma would have appreciated the modern technology that allowed me to instantly email a request for the pattern. Not only that, I received an electronic reply, with the pattern in no time at all. A far cry from when my Aunt first emigrated in the 60’s and a letter took weeks to arrive.

In Grandma’s day, patterns would have been shared among family and friends but I suppose they would have to either borrow the original or write a copy out. Amazing to think how far we have come. We can share so much online and yet we are still enjoying doing these simple crafts. My Mum says learning to knit and sew has been a gift from her┬ámother that she has come to appreciate more as the years have gone on. I wonder, will my children be thinking the same thing in 50 years time?

Some things do go out of fashion though – Golliwog gloves anyone? No, I didn’t think so

MadebyMum’s Mum and I had a skype session tonight and it turns out that the pattern has been residing in Canada for the last 40 years or so, a lot longer than we realised. MadebyMum’s Mum also came across the original Punch and Judy puppet mittens today. It was lovely to see them after all this time. They were in remarkably good condition considering they are over 50 years old! Mr Punch needs a new bell on his hat and a bit of darning wouldn’t go amiss in places but it was quite a treat to see them again. Now all I need to do is take a matching photo of Middle Miss wearing them.