We’re Weathering the Weather….

I think I am getting used to this weather now. Slowly, my mindset is beginning to change. I am now resigned to the fact that summer has ‘failed to install’ as the image doing the rounds of Facebook jokes. I no longer expect sunshine so I am no longer disappointed when I wake up to rain. I do worry about my poor in-laws though. Will they ever be able to get any silage or hay made on their farm? How will they feed their cattle over winter without a harvest of summer grass?

The children all have new wet weather gear courtesy of sales, eBay and the hand-me-down box so whatever happens, we can get out and about. At 18 months, Babykins doesn’t have a concept of what summer should be like. He just wants to get out and explore. Last Friday night he dragged me to the front door  and practically demanded that I put his wellies on and take him outside. We trooped up and down the street, jumping in the epic puddles that had appeared. I couldn’t help but laugh at his outfit – shorts, wellies and a wooly hat. It could only be appropriate in a British Summer.

Dark skies are a bit depressing but they somehow allow the colour and beauty of summer flowers to shine. I hope that wherever you are, you can find something to enjoy in this terrible summer we’re having.

Mother Nature’s highs and lows.

May is following the pattern set by April.


I’m not going to complain about it too much; we need the rain and I planted seeds recently. But, how is it that Mother Nature knows when the school run is on? You can bet that if it’s going to rain in a day, it will be at 8.40 in the morning or 3.15 in the afternoon. Yesterday was a fine example.

At least Middle Miss’s rain coat and Babykins’ blanket cheered things up.

On the plus side, all this rain is ensuring that the trees can come into leaf. I really don’t think I’ve ever taken as much notice of buds and new leaves as I have this year. My Monday morning walk to Tumble Tots is along a fairly fast road, but to my left, it’s mainly trees and hedgerow. I am often to be found snapping pictures of the leaves and flowers on the way. I posted some of them here. There are always plenty of other pedestrians about and I’m sure they must think I am nuts. I don’t care. You have to stop to smell the roses now and again, or in this case, admire the foliage.

Wild Weather

These pictures were taken last Friday, the 30th of December over at my Sister and Brother in-law’s farm in Cumbria. As you can see, it was rather damp. Not damp enough to deter Son Number One who is farm obsessed.

It had been so wet in earlier weeks that their little valley had been flooded.  The evidence of that event was still lying all over the fields. Several dry stone walls have been knocked down and spread around. The space under the bridge was so blocked up with debris that the stream was teaming over the top. I suspect that after the wind and rain we’ve had this week the fields will be in a worse state.

Thankfully there are always cosy indoor activities: as much wooden train track as you can fit into the lounge and a friendly Jack Russell to get acquainted with.

If you want to get an idea of how lovely it normally is in this neck of the woods, take a look at this and this. Don’t forget, if you want to see my pictures in a bit more detail you can click on them and they will open up in a separate window (still as a mosaic though).