52 weeks of happy 27/52


Inspired by my old yoga buddy ‘fannyanntut’ (that’s her instagram screen name) and her July fitness challenge, I did my version of an astanga session to give me a little work out. Not my normal practice but fun for a change.

IMG_7546Love it when the veg drawers are full. Sadly this lot was all bought, not allotmented. Give it a few more weeks though and I’ll be swimming in runner beans and courgettes.

IMG_7548Digging, in the sunshine, with my little babykins and pretending to talk with the pumpkin plants. Good job our allotment is secluded.

IMG_7563School sports day finally happened. This is Babykins pouring Grandma a spot of juice while Son Number One raced past. The weather last year meant that there was no sports day so this was a first for The Middle Miss and the last time Son Number One took part he was still on treatment. Then, his muscles were so weak from chemo and steroids that I had to literally help him over the line when he took part in the sack race. I love, love, loved seeing him striding down the track this year.