Summer Holidays Part One: A Week at Home

I took all these photos a long, long, long time ago, in the first week of the school holidays. We had a really busy start to the holidays. Actually, I don’t think it’s stopped being busy….

Saturday – A visit from out-of-town Grandma, playing in the garden, harvesting the first new potatoes in the allotment and a BBQ

Sunday : Sunderland Air Show – A fab, free day out and hardly any rain.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday : Visiting the Tees Barrage, rolling down hills, cooking ahead, eating healthily, drawing the air show, making ice cream, cleaning and tidying

Wednesday : Borrowby Show and Gymkhana. Lots of animals to see and ideas to steal

Friday: Much excitement about the start of the Olympics and more ‘allotmenting’. Can you spot the ‘deliberate’ mistake?

Not bad for just one week! Thank goodness I’ve got no career and there friends and family just round the corner. Without them, we wouldn’t have had such a good time.