52 weeks of happy: 40/52 and 41/52

This is a short ’52 weeks’ post. Maybe I just haven’t been taking as many pictures lately? I certainly haven’t been any less happy. IMG_8409A very easy evening meal for the children at the end of a very trying day. Two spectacular toddler tantrums were the cause of my stress. By the time I threw this together from fridge left-overs Babykins was fast asleep in bed. Reason enough to be happy. Typically, this meal was received rapturously. Sometimes I wonder why I bother cooking proper dinners with vegetables. Oh well, I made the children happy.

IMG_3687The Middle Miss lost her first tooth. She has been waiting for this for a very long time so she was very happy indeed. In our house the tooth fairy rewards clean teeth with a pound. What is the going rate at you place?


My first foray in to selling my crochet work. I was very happy with the way my stall looked.


Successful Yorkshire Puddings courtesy of Kat at Housewife Confidential. I could never get them to rise until I tried her recipe and it has never failed me. It seems that an extra egg is all it takes to make good Yorkies.


I know this picture will have shown up here already on my instagram feed but I thought I would share it again. So many things about this make me happy. I mean, it’s full of such cheery colour, how could you not be happy looking at this hat. It also makes me happy because it reminds me of my lovely Yarndale weekend.

IMG_8445Leaf progress. Happy with the way they are turning out, happy that I found a free pattern online and happy that I finally seem to have got to grips with Pinterest.